Friday, March 28, 2014

Max's Blessing Day

We blessed Max on February 2nd, 2014.
Josh gave an amazing blessing and talked a lot about health, compassion, and happiness.
We had family from both sides come support us and we are so grateful they took the time to come celebrate the day with us!

The blessing ended up being the same day as the Superbowl, so after the blessing, my family came over and spent the rest of the day at our place.   It's tradition for our family to have sub sandwiches on Superbowl Sunday, and have a little party.  We played games, went on a walk to the park, and ate lots of good food while we waited for the game to start.  

Close to the park we walked to, there were some horses.  
It is one of our favorite walks to walk past them and pet them.  Jett loves them! 

We are so thankful for all the came and supported us. 
And I am very thankful for priesthood blessings and for my husband being able to provide them. 
We love our little Max!

St. George trip

We spent a few days in St. George near the beginning of March.  With Josh being in transition of starting a new job, it worked out that he had a week off the same week of Spring Break for my family.  So we decided to head down to enjoy some sun and warmth.

on the way down.

While we were down there, Josh and I got to see a movie together for the first time in a few months.  We saw Saving Mr. Banks.  It was actually really good.  Before the movie we had lunch at a nice sit down restaurant (Olive Garden) which is another luxury we never get to do with the little ones.  We are so thankful my family for watching the kids so we were able to have a nice little date together!

We also went to the children's museum for the first time and we were very impressed with it!  It's kinda made for older children, so Jett didn't last through the whole museum, but it was so fun to see how they did everything and incorporated it with St. George businesses.  We were loving playing through it even as adults!

On one of the days, my mom needed to go out to her school for something, so we came along.  Jett was enjoying getting into all the big kids' desks!  He was in heaven with all the books, cool chairs, and kid things, and I think he even stole some crayons from someone's desk too!

Some of our good friends that lived across the street from us just moved back down to St. George so we also spent a couple hours with them before we couldn't anymore.

Jett & his girlfriend, Alyssa:)

We had a fun trip and are glad we were able to go down and visit family and enjoy the warmer weather!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life lately...

 So I know I have neglected this ol' blog for a couple months now.  Life is busy. Life is crazy. but life is fun.  I love having and updating this blog though.  It's my journal of sorts, since I kinda like suck at keeping a real journal, ha. :P  I've had this blog for almost 5 years now... I started it a little after we got married.... crazy it's almost been 5 years!  I love looking back at my posts from years past and reminiscing through our first years of marriage. I just need to take the time to get it printed into blog books... I just don't know where to even start! It's on my list of "to-do's" :) Someday.... someday.


Josh started a new job last week.  He's still doing graphic design and is now working in Salt Lake.  He's been looking for a new job for quite a while now, so we were very happy when he landed this one, as it is a pay raise from his last job and we will now be covered with benefits.  It is also a much better environment than his previous job.  There were a few people that were very hard to work with, and they didn't communicate or work as a team there, so he is much happier now that his work atmosphere is much, much better.
Since he is now working in Salt Lake, we will need to move closer, but that probably won't happen til closer to the end of this year.  I was kinda hoping we would stick around this area since it has become my 'home' and I am falling more in love with the area and the people in our ward every week.   But I know the same will happen with any area we move to.  It's been nice to have him work so close to home and be able to come home for lunch, etc., but we are excited for this opportunity and the new adventure that awaits us.  On to bigger and better things.:)  It's been a little tiring for him starting a new job with all the training and info he's been consuming every day, plus the commute on top of that... so he's pretty exhausted at the end of the day, but that doesn't stop him from coming home happy and transforming into daddy mode.  He's still the best daddy around.

Jett is still our little ball of energy and keeps us on our toes.  He is slowly, but surely learning more words every day, and knows several different signs.  He is still obsessed with cars, trucks, trains, anything with wheels!  He loves reading books, doing puzzles, coloring and watching Mother Goose Club on Youtube (check it out... all the nursery rhymes we grew up with! cheesy, but cute)  His favorite song is still Wheels on the Bus, and can do all the motions and always says "bssss" when he wants to watch it.
Some words he's learned recently:  bus, more, shoe, Curious George (not perfectly of course, but close), sock, and juice.  I LOVE hearing his little voice coming out and saying actual words.  It's so cute!
Nursery has been a little hard for him and wants one of us to be with him the whole time, so we trade off each week.  We're working on it one week at a time;)  He's going through a stage where he's really attached to Josh and I and doesn't want to play with anybody else... even people he usually loves playing with.
We recently got a toddler bed and will probably be making that transition in the next little bit.  We'll see how it goes!  We also got a baby toilet, but will probably wait on that potty training for a little while longer.  I can't believe he is already almost to these "big boy" transitions!  He's been a really good big brother to Max, but still gets jealous every now and then when I need to hold/comfort Max and he wants the attention too.
Tantrums... they're still there. Not every day (thank goodness) but they're there. He's becoming more opinionated and knows what he wants, yet the talking is still lacking, which results in meltdowns, fits, and frustration (from all ends!)  He's just such an active little guy and loves exploring and running around!  So when we need him to sit still, or stay by us, he doesn't like it.  To him, church = a big, long hall to run through! same with grocery stores.
He's become a very picky eater and so meal times are a battle with him.  He knows how to do the "pouty" face now, complete with the bottom lip out, and I can't help but giggle inside every time I see him do it.  Does it just come natural to kids? haha.
Although we have those hard moments with him,  he really is the sweetest little boy.... and I feel like I don't give him enough credit for that. :(  We might be the only ones that really get to see that side of him here at home.  He's such a silly little boy that does all sorts of goofy dances, laughs, and talking.  He loves to give kisses and hugs, especially to his little brother, he tells stories all the time, and is starting to pray (talk) when we pray together, and is such a good helper around the house!
I look forward to the moments I get to have with just  him.

Max is 3 months old now.  I know I just did a post all about him, but here's a synopsis.  He is constantly flashing smiles at us and we love it!  He loves it when anybody gives him attention and talks to him.. he coos right back.  He's sleeping anywhere from 4-6 hours each night, but we're working on stretching that out a little more:)  During the day, he's not the best sleeper though!  I get lucky if he sleeps an hour total.  He likes to have little cat naps.  I'm sure part of that has to do with the stomach pain he still gets every once in a while that can wake him up. He still has reflux which has been the hardest thing with him, and we're hoping he grows out of it soon.  He's not too colicky, but he can have major crying fits when we can tell he's in pain, poor boy :(  He also cries a lot when he's overly tired and needs some help falling asleep.  Overall, he seems to be a pretty happy and chill baby (minus the stomach pain). He is on the verge of giggling (I got a couple little ones out of him today!) and we can't wait to hear those baby giggles come out!

I am just staying busy with these 2 boys.  I have slowly started to get back into photography as well... I do a photoshoot about once or twice a week or so.  It's been fun and I love it!  I enjoy doing the typical "stay-at-home-mom" things as well as trying to tackle different projects on my to-do list throughout the day.  I've tried out Crossfit a few times the past week and am thinking about continuing to do it for at least a few months.  It is right down the street from us and the class I attend provides free baby-sitting!  There's a group of girls from my ward that started around the same time, so it was the perfect opportunity at the right time, and I just had to jump on it.  I am SUPER sore, but it feels oh so good to be using those muscles again!  I don't think I've felt this sore since my days of dance a few years ago... man, I sure do miss those days...
We've been trying to organize and de-clutter the house, so that has been another thing I've been busy with.  I love being able to be home with my boys and feel so lucky I get the opportunity to do so!

Our 2 boys are growing like crazy. Things are getting easier and time is going by too fast.
We are ready for Spring and Summer to be here and can't wait to spend more time outside!
Life is crazy, busy, fun, hard, exciting, exhausting, but all around GOOD!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Max::3 months! (& 2mo. pic)

Our little Max is now 3 months old!
Somehow, life got in the way and I never got around to doing his 2 month post (or any other post update...), but I did take some pictures with that intention in mind!  

Max @ 2 months:

For some reason, the first month with him seemed to fly by, the 2nd month CRAWLED by and took forever, and the 3rd month flashed by again.

So here we are... past 3 months, but better late than never!

At 3 months, Max....

.... is growing a lot! Although many people say he still looks so small (or more that they comment about "how small they forget babies are").  But comparing his 2 month photo, and his 3 month photo, he has filled out a lot!
... is wearing size 2 diapers.
.... has the WIDEST, biggest eyes you've ever seen.  So many people comment on how big his eyes are.
... is between 3 month and 3-6 month clothes.  With how much laundry I go through with him (causing some to shrink), and him growing so quick, he was only able to wear some of my favorite 3-month clothes a couple times!  I was totally bummed when he didn't fit in them anymore.  But at the same time, I love seeing him grow!!
.... is not nearly as chubby as his older brother was at this age, but he is getting some chubby cheeks and a double chin!  love it.
...  typically eats about every 3 hours... sometimes 2 and a half.
.... sleeps typically around 5-6 hours at night now.  Some nights there's only a 4 hour stretch, and on rare occasions, there's up to a 7 hour stretch.... workin on it.
.... gets really fussy when he's tired and usually needs some help falling into a deep sleep, such as us rocking him, patting his bum, or just holding him on our chest.
.... about a month and a half ago, we realized he sleeps better on his belly, so that is now our go-to position to putting him to sleep.
....  LOVES it when anybody gives him attention and talks to him.  He constantly smiles and coos right back.
.... his toothless smile is to die for.  He is on the verge of giggling and we can't wait to hear those baby giggles come out.
....  still has reflux and is spitting up a lot.  The Dr. told me if it was milk-intolerance, he would be very colicky and fussy all the time, which he's not.  He still gets stomach pains and cries a lot every so often, but it's not all the time.  Although I still feel that dairy has something to do with it, I'm not as paranoid about staying away from it... but still limiting it for both of our sakes.  I have noticed that he does have a hard time with chocolate.  I've never been a huge chocaholic to begin with, but now that I know I should stay away from it for him, I want it more! ... of course, right?
.... loves playing with his floor mat/piano thing that he kicks with his legs.  He lights up every time I lay him under it.
.... loves being carried in the baby wrap.  I use it when we go out to the store all together, or to other places.  It's nice to have hands free and he loves the closeness and being bundled up.
....  has recently found his hands and spends a good amount of the day sucking on them!
....  is still very tolerant of his active and rambunctious brother ;)  He also loves when Jett pays attention to him.  Jett mimics some of my actions when I smile and talk to Max.  Very cute.
.... I've been comparing baby pictures of Jett and Max.  They don't look a whole lot alike, but they do look like brothers.  A lot of people say Max looks more like my side of the family, and Jett looks more like Josh's.  We've all been wondering if Max will have blue eyes...?  Still hard to tell, but maybe.  It would be fun to have a blue/green eyed baby, but I'd be happy with brown-eyed beauties through and through too.

Life is definitely getting easier by the day/week/month.  We are getting ourselves into a pretty good routine around here and making it through.  Of course we still have those moments and those days, but I'm not expecting those to leave anytime soon... or ever.
It's been so fun now that he is more interactive and happy.
We love our little Maxy and couldn't imagine life without him!
Happy 3 months, Max!!